The 2021-2022  VMMS Student Handbook. Find info on all VMMS rules, regulations and expectations.

Students and parents, please note the following school policies. All of these policies are present in the VMMS Student Handbook linked above.

  • All students must wear their lanyard and ID at all times, every day on campus. Teachers may instruct you to take off the lanyard at specific times for safety or physical activities.
  • All students must wear a collared shirt, or a Vista Magnet spirit shirt, or a college/university shirt on WAVE Pact Wednesdays, or an appropriate dress. Please see p.19 of our student handbook for our full dress code.
  • All cell phones and mobile devices must be OFF and in the student's backpack at all times while on campus. Students are not allowed to use their devices, and can always come to the front office to use our phone if they need to make a call for an important reason.
  • Students should leave all the following items at home: Gum, toys, slime, or any other item not directly needed for class activities.
  • Students may not ride skateboards nor scooters to school. If students ride a bicycle they MUST wear a helmet and have a lock.

  • Students may no longer leave projects, sports equipment, bags, personal items, etc in the office. Students must carry their belongings as the office no longer has a designated area to store student belongings.

  • Classroom interruptions result in lost instructional minutes, please note students will no longer be released within 20 minutes of school dismissal.