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VMMS Planner and Student Handbook

Each Viper student is provided with a VMMS School Planner which includes a calendar and Student Handbook. The Student Handbook contains important school policies and should be reviewed by every student and parent.

Click here for the VMMS Student Handbook.

Our strong partnership with Premier School Specialty has brought us with school planners that our students at VMMS have each opportunity to use to maximize their goals. Often, parents and students find themselves struggling how to write DAILY goals and/or assignments. We have provided you with an EXAMPLE, click HERE .

Conversation Starters

"Parents often tell me they don't know where to begin to have a "real" conversation with their child. These questions will get you started. Use them as jumping off point for a two-way conversation." - Aha! Parenting

VMMS teachers and staff have created 12 Conversations Starters for your little VIPER, click HERE for English and HERE for Spanish.

Visit our Library site page for RESOURCES for academic support, click HERE .

Cornell Notes

In the 1950s, a professor of education at Cornell University, Walter Pauk, wanted to find a more effective way for his students to take notes. He developed the Cornell note‐taking method as a solution. The great thing about his system is that you can use it for any class or subject.

Cornell notes are arranged in a way that allows you to organize your notes, so you'll find important information more easily. You can use them during a lecture, and while you read the assigned chapters in your textbooks, you can write down the main points (like vocabulary words and important dates) using Cornell notes.

Advantages of Cornell Note Taking

There are many advantages of using the Cornell note‐taking system because it is set up so you see the main points of the lecture-vocabulary words, important dates and people, theories, steps to math problems, processes, etc. The following are advantages to using the Cornell note‐taking method:

  • Keeps your notes organized, so you can revise and review them later.
  • Allows you to find important information easier.
  • Focuses on important concepts like vocabulary words, dates and people, theories, processes, etc.
  • Provides an efficient method of taking notes during any kind of lecture.


Advantages of Cornell Note Taking