"Speak UP"

Below are the Anti-Bullying Efforts from 2010-present for Vista Magnet Middle School. This is our Vision:

We envision a school community where all Members are respected, valued and empowered to be socially responsible decision makers in the 21st Century.


At VMMS, we have developed a character program called "BE..." The "BE" campaign began in 2008 with a strong foundation from our IBMYP Learner Profile. We wanted to establish a common language amongst the staff and students on our character and behavioral expectations.



Every student goes through the Netiquette training in the fall. Students also go on to www.commonsense.org and complete anti-bullying lessons. This is ongoing.


Kickoff Teen Truth Assembly

On our second day of school, August 24th, 2010, a speaker from Teen Truth: An Inside Look at Bullying and School Violence presented to our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The students completed permission slip s in order to attend the assembly. Out of just over 600 students only about 15 did not attend (most due to not remembering the permission slip).

Reflective Student Exercise

Immediately after the assembly, teachers reflected with the students on the message of the presenter and challenged themselves with answering the answering with a challenge "Join the Movement Be The Difference" Students shared (see attached) "I will include the excluded in our group. -Rosie; To help people. - Violeti; I will stand up for any people who are getting bullied. -Eric. Overall, the presentation was an excellent way to begin the year by bringing awareness to bullying and setting expectations for our school.


Cyber Bullying Presentation

During the first week of school (August 2011) we had a presenter from Vista Community Clinic come to speak with our students about Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety. He presented to all 600+ of our students, teachers, and any parent interested in attending. Following the presentation we sent out a survey asking students about their technology knowledge and what they had learned about the importance of keeping their cyber identity secure and being aware of what they are putting on the internet. A few of the responses we received were:

"... if somebody tries to threaten you tell them to leave you alone and delete them as a friend in Facebook, if the person still keep going talk to your parents about it. It's a better way to keep safe."

"Be aware of what things you send and who you send it to."

Presenters from the Vista Community Clinic returned the following month to present to our ELAC parents about Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying.


District Mandated PowerPoint

August 2012, Mrs. Jacobsen presented the district PowerPoint on bullying to all staff.

2013 - Ongoing

Medi-cal Parent Education Nights

Through a Medi-Cal Grant Vista Magnet is able to offer Parent Education Nights, where speakers come to present to parents and students on various topics. In Spring 2013, teachers presented bullying and cyber-bullying information and provide activities for Spanish Speaking parents and their students.


Each 8th grade student completes a Capstone Research Project on a topic regarding a global concern. Each year several students choose the topic of bullying. This year, 2012-2013, students will be presenting information that they have learned on bullying to our students and community.

Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks are offered every Tuesday during lunch. The presenters range from students to staff to outside professionals coming in to speak with our students about a variety of topics. A few of the topics covered this year so far have been; Cerebral Palsy, Make A Wish Foundation, Nutrition, and The Affects of Bullying. These talks bring awareness and open-mindedness to our students. It also allows our students to inform their peers about topics that are close to their hearts.


The Principal, Assistant Principal, Campus Supervisor, and Counselor all mentor groups of "at-risk' students. These students range from students struggling with of behavior, lack of confidence, and social skills. The students are monitored on their behavior, grades, and overall well being.

Individual Counseling/Meditations

In the event of bullying being brought to the Administration's attention they will deal with the disciplinary portion then refer the student (s) to the school counselor to discuss the concern and work on solutions. If appropriate the counselor will provide a mediation or individual counseling with the students involved.

Administration "shift in philosophy"

Students have been encouraged to be more reflective thinkers when continued defiance or disrespectfulness occurs. One example is a project that two students in a conflict worked on together. They researched bullying and designed a PowerPoint about what they have learned. They then presented the presentation during a Tuesday Talk.


Embedded in teachers curriculum are anti-discrimination and anti-bullying lessons. As topics of antis-Semitism or discussions on book by Mildred D. Taylor, "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry" arise in class, teachers take the opportunity to communicate about the topics and complete various lessons on the affects.


Vista Magnet offers several clubs for students to join to help encourage a sense of belonging on the campus . Some of the clubs include: Drama Club, Engineering Club, Math Club, Chess Club and Make a Wish Club. A new club was also stated this year called Lunch bunch. Lunch Bunch is in a different classroom each day at lunch and provides different activities, led by a teacher, for students to partake in if they need a
place to go for lunch.

ELO Program

During the summer classes and activities are planned for incoming 6th graders. This allows these students and early opportunity to bond with teachers and other students.


Anti-Bullying Week

We have an Annual Anti-Bullying Week. Students volunteers once a week meet with our Counselor during lunch to plan different activities for the students and staff to participate in during the week. The activities include; classroom activities, lunch activities, and dress up days all with a different focus each year.

The Great Kindness Week

Students and Staff Participated in the Great Kindness Week in January 2013. Everyone was challenged to perform different acts of kindness each day. Students made posters and participated in different activities throughout the week.