Learning Labs

VMMS offers Learning Labs - our before and after school tutorial program. Learning Labs are available for any student who wants more support or time with teachers on campus to succeed in their education.

Learning Labs require a parent permission slip and space is limited. For further information about how your child can participate, please contact the office.



We intend to see each of our students according to his/her learning plan successfully promote from our program. Since we are working together to ensure the success of your child, if a problem arises we will work with you to find a solution that allows your child to continue in our community by taking the following measures in a productive manner. If we find that a student has made a bad choice, we will immediately notify
the parent through the mail, email or a phone call that a problem has arisen.

  1. The student may be suspended or temporarily placed on probation for a set period of time.
  2. The learning plan will be reviewed and put into effect that will outline steps that must be taken to reliev
    e the problem.

With this in mind, VMMS believes all students can behave at school and have the responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner. Positive rewards are emphasized for students who observe school-wide and classroom expectations. Likewise, negative consequences occur if a student breaks a school-wide or classroom rule. Our purpose is to make a positive impact on ALL students academically, socially and personally. In the
fall, the Principal, Assistant Principal and Counselor invite all 8th grade parents to a one-on-one conference in which we review our syllabus, grading system, our online communication systems (Moodle, Parent Portal, the VMMS Website) our work ethic and citizenship rubrics, and our promotion requirements. This affords families an opportunity to make contact early in the year and ask questions pertaining specifically to that grade level.