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Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision Statements


We are empowered learners who show motivation, resilience, and empathy to create positive change in the world with pride and confidence in ourselves and our diverse school community.


We are inspired to meet our maximum potential as learners and leaders. We achieve high expectations by engaging in rigorous academics and personal growth with comprehensive support. We design innovative solutions to real world challenges through critical and creative thinking. We act on local and global needs in an empathetic school community where all members belong.


Four Pillars of Excellence: Engage, Achieve, Belong, and Design

ENGAGE - Students will engage in inquiry and critical thinking to make meaning of content that will remain with them not for 40 days, or 40 months, but 40 years.

ACHIEVE - As a result of innovative instructional practices, students will be able to be active participants in learning rather than recipients of knowledge.

BELONG - Students will make meaningful connections through their academic, social and personal goals.

DESIGN - Students will be able to create novel solutions to real world problems through the four elements of the design cycle: investigate, plan, create and evaluate.